My World

Wildlife Photography


Since an early age I have been enthralled by wildife, and as a photographer I find photographing wildlife the ultimate of challenges. Trying to capture sharp, crisp images of wildlife in their natural habitat brings into play all the compromises and limitations inherent in photography. Although wildlife photography is incredibly frustrating at times, the capturing of a fantastic animal photograph immediately erases the memory of all the time, effort and failures that preceeded it.

Nature Photography


While out photographing wildlife, I often come across stunning scenes and intimate landscapes. Capturing this natural beauty is much simpler than trying to get that perfect shot of a secretive animal, however the resulting photographs are often very emotive and moving, impacting the viewer in a more personal way than wildlife portraits could ever do. Therefore, whenever I witness an amazing scene, I try to capture it as I experienced it

Travel Photography


I have had the pleasure of living in and visiting many countries in the Asia-Pacific region, but unfortunately I haven’t always had my SLR with me! At present, Japan,Thailand, Singapore and Australia are featured in the Galleries section, and I hope to add to the list of countries regularly. I place an emphasis on capturing the culture and traditions of the people, the encroachment of the modern upon the ancient, and iconic vistas. I am sure you will be amazed by many of the images in the country galleries!