My Rottweiler Doesn’t Like Small Dogs

The bite force in a Rottweiler is 328 pound just per square inch (, and this is not an exaggeration at all. Your rotty might not behave so well these days, and we will let you know what you can do about this as soon as possible these days.
My evil Rottweiler is happy. He might not like other dogs, but he loves my family. That is what matters when it comes to getting a rotty these days. My dog does not need other dogs around him so he can be happy. He is quite content with the family, and I love this. I trained my dog very well so he does not have to become reactive with animals around him. He loves his solitude, and he is quite like me in this aspect of his life. I try to introduce other dogs to them slowly because they will try to protect their territory.
Early Age
You need to socialize your Rottweiler at a young age. This will allow you to avoid many headaches with the dog in the future. Socializing the dog is the key, and you need to bear this fact in mind at all times. Your dog should also feel that you are happy and content at all times, as he will try to copy that from you. Make the dog play with other dogs at a very young age, as this will allow your dog to adjust his social skills over time.
You need to supervise the pup when he is with a human or animal. Since rotties love praise, you need to discourage any wrong behavior and praise the right one. If you want to avoid any aggressive behavior in your rotty, you are better off neutering the animal as soon as possible. Female rotties tend to get along with everyone, but a male rotty might be too aggressive from time to time. If you just introduce other dogs to the dog when he is young, you might get some good results. Remember that socialization should be a priority for any dog out there.
Your dog is a source of pleasure for you, but this situation might not be forever. You need to put an eye on the dog from time to time, and you should also help your dog develop social skills over time. This will allow your dog behave well among people and other animals right away. Remember that your Rottweiler needs supervision from time to time too.