Colombia Travel: What makes for a perfect vacation?

Colombia and travel were not previously thought of in the same sentence, but much has changed over the years and a visit to Colombia can be combined with a South American vacation in general.

Before getting to specifics, it might be useful to read up on some generaltravel information specific to Colombia.

What other adventures can you consider for Colombia travel? Well, there´s the possibility (although tricky to arrange due to permits) of an an Amazon jungle tour, or how about an Andes Mountains adventure? You can trekk up to the lost city and then lay back on a hammock on the beach in Tayrona park.

Alternatively, why not treat yourself to staying at one of the

How about driving up the winding mountain roads to visit Manizales or walking around the Colonial towns of Cartagena or Villa de Leyva – some of the more famous luxury hotels in Colombia?

How about driving up the winding mountain roads to visit Manizales or walking around the Colonial towns of Cartagena or Villa de Leyva – some of the more famous tourist attractions of Colombia?

There´s white water rafting, paragliding, surfing, diving, climbing and mountaineering and the list goes on.

There is a mix of cultural activities and wide variety of sports in Colombia,set in a beautiful setting and at a reasonable price. The infrastructure has greatly improved and it´s fairly easy to get online to check your email at pretty much all hotels and hostels.

If you´re thinking of a South American honeymoon, I know just the place in the Zona Cafetera called Hacienda San Jose, an old coffee farm converted into a boutique hotel just outside Pereira in the heart of the coffee country – one of the most elegant and romantic hotels I´ve ever been to!

Colombia budget travel is a real possibility and can be combined with backpacking in South America.

If you decide to travel to Colombia, the trick is to avoid the major cities where the prices can be much higher than in rural regions.

For nearly all nationalities, you do not need a Colombian Visa to visit. You automatically receive a 2 month tourist visa on arrival. If you wish to stay longer, you can apply for a 2 month extension at the DAS which is a fairly easy process that takes about half a day.

Colombia travel is exciting because of the possibility of exploring places that are very different from one another due to the size and geography of the country. Towering mountains, deserts, rivers, jungle and cool highlands, make it a varied and surprising tourist destination and naturally, brings about the question of transportation in Colombia.

The coast is different in culture and climate from the capital that is different from the other cities.

There is a wide range of ethnic cultures that has created the mix that is the Colombian population. You can even visit Providencia island where they speak pigeon English!

Colombia adventure travel is for everyone who is open to experiencing the land for themselves, setting aside preconceived notions of what you´ll discover and allowing the charm of its inhabitants grow on you.

This is a large and beautiful country with warm and welcoming people. Colombia and travel most certainly go together as you are sure to find out for yourself if you come for a visit.

Welcome to Colombia!