Banding at Isahaya

Yesterday morning I was lucky to be able to join a team from Nagasaki University’s Dept of Ornithology who were banding birds at Isahaya. The conditions were perfect – no wind and a thick fog covering the wetlands. The team set up two sets of nets at different locations, which were then checked every 40 minutes. As you would expect, most birds were caught in the mist nets within the first few hours after sunrise, however the team continued working until midday. We were very lucky with our first check of the morning – one of the first birds we found tangled in the net was a first winter female Bluethroat! Quite a rare bird for Japan and the first time one has been banded at Isahaya, although they have been recorded here in the past. Other species banded included Daurian Redstart, Brambling, Zitting Cisticola, Japanese Bush Warbler, Chestnut-eared Bunting, Oriental Greenfinch (C. s. minor & C. s. kawarahiba), Siberian Rubythroat, and Siskin. However most birds were Common Reed Bunting.